We're Malmö Clothing Company. We design sustainable clothing for Malmö and those who love it.

Face of Malmö Rhubarb T-Shirt Face of Malmö Forest T-Shirt Face of Malmö Ocean T-Shirt Face of Malmö White Athletic Socks Face of Malmö White Singlet

The Tonal Collection

The Face of Malmö

This is where it all began - the Face of Malmö. Now available in new colours, fits and styles.

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It's back

Welcome to Falafel City

One of our absolute favourite designs is back. Sitta här eller ta med, it's up to you.

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The Ö Heather Grey T-Shirt The Ö Black Sweater The Ö Heather Grape T-Shirt

Our latest design

Say hellö to the Ö

There seems to be a thousand different ways to say “Malmö”. That’s why we decided to pay our respects to the wonderful complexity of the “Ö”.

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Malmö Scenes

Our photography series focuses on Malmö captured through the lens of a photographer living here. Get a glimpse into what Malmö is to them.

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